How often do we look at others and say to ourselves: “I can’t be successful because I don’t have a degree” “I am meant to just work and survive because this is what everybody else in my family has done” “I am too old to do_____” Let me tell you now, that if you are here on this planet, then you are worthy of more than working and living to survive until you die. You’re worthy of thriving. Think about it for a moment, like a bazillion years ago some cool thing happened where the universe was created, and a bazillion years later, of all the little eggs and all the little sperm that had the chance to make it out into this world, you were the one who survived to make it out and live a life. If you’re here, that can’t be a coincidence! The question now is: What are you going to do about it? And so why do we question ourselves whenever we want to do something that we haven’t done before? Why is it that whenever we first make any attempt to go further in our career, or to go to a place that we’ve never been before, or to try anything new, we put up a wall and we say “ No, I can’t do that.” or “ No, that can never happen to me”? We have to be the example for others. “Worthiness” is not just for the rich and famous. The rich and the famous were created by the same power. Being worthy to live a life of abundance, of peace, of joy, of anything that we want, is for all of us. Now let’s be clear here, we cannot just expect God/ or whatever power that you believe in that put us here on this planet, to just snap its fingers and say “Plop, here you go”. What I know in my 31 years on this planet earth is that I’ve had to learned how to dance with God to make things happen.

The dance is sometimes uncomfortable. What it cost me, was many hours away from friends and family who would rather complain about life than do anything to change it. It has cost me many hours of learning about what I have to do to get to where I want to be, instead of watching random viral videos on the internet. It has cost me hours scouring the internet, watching free YouTube videos of others who have traveled the world, changed their mindset, or wrote a book, instead of another night out. It cost me a lot of my old habits and mindset, but it ushered in a new life. When I come in contact with people from my old life, they tell me the same story that they told me years ago. It’s the story about why they are where they are, and how they have the same money/relationship/health/ (insert other issues here) problems. They then go on to complain about how lucky I am to live my life, but snicker and laugh when they see me read by myself, or express jealousy as I got to travel to different parts of the world. Making the change to get to where I am now, was not easy. It was a constant back and forth battle of should I stay where I am and suffer and complain like the rest or try to step forward and create a different life. I chose to step forward. It was in stepping forward that I encountered people who recognized they too are worthy of thriving on this planet. Now that I have stepped forward, what I see in these people and myself, is that they have developed a discipline in learning to dance with God and His powers to thrive and to receive all that the world has to offer.

Melissa  F Giancola is a Canadian born English teacher and writer, currently living abroad in Gaziantep, Turkey where she teaches kindergarten. Her debut book “The Inner Work: Journey In Process” will be outon July 28th. She is an avid believer in learning to do our own internal work and personal development so that we can break free from the negative self-talk and emotional chains that hold us back from achieving great things. Her own spiritual and personal development is what led her to writing her first  book, in which she hopes that readers can get started on their own inner journey. You can follow her on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/melissafgiancolawriter/and Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/melissafgiancola/


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