Shoutout Saturday! Stefanie August

Y'all know we love a writer with a sense of humor!

Stefanie has been working small clubs and theaters since 1987, writing her own skits and comedy routines. Her work is oriented toward the bizarre end of comedy where there is

never a true punch line, more of an open ended insight about the way we aspire to look

at things and people.

She got into screenwriting so she could expand her creative propensity and delve deeper into character development.

"Comedy allows me to address issues in the world that affect each of us in a personal or collective way."

Her most recent screenwriting project involves working on the pilot of a new series set to be pitched to Netflix; a comedy about three older cousins, two of whom are navigating life as disabled women.

In addition to her own writing career, she devotes her time to helping other writers in achieving their goals through her writing service, Stefanie August Creative.

Stefanie is a screenwriter, comedienne and coach who focuses on shining a light on issues that affect the world through laughter. You can view her writing portfolio at

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