Poet. Self-Published Author. CEO of her life.

For Shunika, writing is like a breath of fresh air. Her love of writing, and a little encouragement from Girltellme, led her to finish her first book, My Life Part 1. Her writing is about her life, her views on the world, and the people she loves. After accomplishing her lifelong dream of writing a book, she started writing her poetry and quotes on T-shirts, leading to her latest endeavor, Build An Empire Clothing.

For Shunika, her book and her clothing line are only the beginning. Her mission is to share the message of inspiration and empowerment with women around the world. In her words, she wants to "offer empowerment and let everyone know we can all build an empire together!"

Her debut book can be purchased on Amazon. To buy merchandise from Build An Empire clothing, you can visit Etsy under LaTriceBoutique.


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