Shoutout Saturday - Selina Krinock

Did you find the love of your life on a dating app?

If you did, this book is not for you.

This is a chronicle of my online dating escapades, disappointments, and disasters. I tried all the apps and websites the experts suggested. I dated men from all different waves on the spectrum: wealthy businessmen, computer nerds, musicians, and even a convicted felon. (Don’t judge.) Some of them made me laugh, and a few of them made me cry.

In every relationship, I learned things about myself, or remembered things I had forgotten were important to me. After five years, I finally found the person I was looking for, but it wasn’t who I expected at all.

I invite you to hop aboard my emotional rollercoaster. Buckle up! It’s a bumpy ride.

About the Author

Selina Krinock is a writer, poet, and author of the new novel Swipe Left. Her five years of experience in the online dating world is reflected in her stories about these adventures.

Selina earned a Bachelor of Science in English from Slippery Rock University. She loves 80's music and movies, concert tickets, and Hershey Kisses. When she's not glued to her keyboard, you can find her scrapbooking, or planning her next epic road trip.

Selina lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her two children, a spoiled dog, and two eccentric cats. Find out more about her on her website:


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