Shoutout Saturday- Randi Latzman

At first glance, you would think Randi has it all together. She has a beautiful 8-year-old daughter and a husband that she’s been married to for 11 years. You couldn't be more wrong. Randi says, “I am a child abuse survivor at the hands of my mother.” She knows that all of us have struggles, and she realized it was time to stop hiding hers.

Randi Decided to use her writing to try and make a difference. She started her blog, Surviving Mom Blog to spread support and awareness for abuse survivors. The pandemic is what encouraged her to take this step. She knew there would be increased isolation for victims of abuse. She also uses her blog as a forum for parenting, relationships, and mental health/wellness.

Randi has been published in The Mighty, Thought Catalog, Morning Laziness, and Her View From Home. She also has been featured in Authority Magazine, Women Rise Chicago, Simply Unstoppable, and Thrive Global.

She has a daughter with special needs, and her blog discusses tips for special needs kids and other parenting issues. Some examples include tips for surviving the bumpy road of parenting, the importance of self-sufficient children, how to raise a confident child, strategies to manage anxiety in kids (and adults), and tools for kids who struggle with sleeping (these tips work on adults too).

Randi says, “I also feel that there are times when it's important to find humor in the chaos. I've written about my top horror online dating stories (I met my husband online, so something good came out of these AWFUL stories), the messiest experiences I've had in motherhood (you have NO idea), and how my daughter gave herself a black eye the day before my mother-in-law's surprise 70th birthday party (shockingly we didn't take any family photos that day).”

Surviving Mom Blog is not your run-of-the-mill blog. Randi promises each of you will find something that resonates with you. Go check it out!

Follow her Facebook page, @survivmomblog, where I post daily. You can also reach me on Instagram @survivingmomblog, Pinterest @survivmomblog, and Twitter @survivmomblog.


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