Shoutout Saturday - Leilah Robinson

Leilah Robinson is founder of LIFE Aligned: a new, up and coming movement that seeks to help what she calls “first gen millennials” among others to get a grip on adjusting their love, inner self, finances and emotions to be in the best alignment possible. Her philosophy states that when these key components are truly in balance with one another, life energy flows freely and you operate as the highest, consciously upgraded version of yourself; making a lasting impact on those around you and empowering others to align as well.

Leilah’s background is rooted in the performing arts and education as she has given over 10 years to teaching children of all ages in the New York and North New Jersey area. She decided in 2017 that it was time for a major change in direction, and her journey as an entrepreneur was birthed shortly after. Her transition from arts educator to girl boss extraordinaire took form with the opportunity to co-own the first franchised location of Kika Stretch Studios in Westfield, New Jersey in 2018. Kika Stretch Studios was founded by Hakika DuBose Wise, who has been named the youngest female franchise owner in US history. Leilah takes joy in knowing she is apart of such a fantastic female phenomenon, and the business of zenning people the fuck out with the greatest passive assisted stretch you’ll ever experience. (Do go check out the website, you may have a location near you and if so, you’re welcome!)

Her latest boss move was linking up with an online wealth creation college platform known as My Freedom in 365, which gives its members the opportunity to create multiple streams of income, dive into various levels of self development and coaching, as well as build their own online franchise and brand for less than the cost of a friday night netflix and chill binge. She believes My Freedom 365 is a first step towards wealth creation for a community that has been tricked and bamboozled into thinking they could never obtain wealth.

Both ‘My Freedom in 365’ and ‘Kika Stretch Studios’ fit into Leilah’s first ever self made branded creation ‘LIFE Aligned’, as Kika Stretch unlocks the connection between the spirit, soul and body, and the Freedom movement is helping to align thousands of people on their financial freedom journeys.

She is only just beginning and is ecstatic to add her value to the world, and hopes to impact countless souls with her personal alignment journey.


Check out all of these resources and more with the poppin links below!

LIFE Aligned:

Kika Stretch Studios:

My Freedom in 365:



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