Shoutout Saturday! Kim DelMonico

Originally from Upstate New York, Kim DelMonico is a lawyer who transitioned into the world of marketing. She is also an author, journalist, and full-time digital nomad. Kim began her company,, six years ago, when she recognized a growing need for social media management for businesses.

BE INFLUENCE is a boutique marketing agency that specializes in social media management, influencer marketing, live events, branding, website and graphic design, coaching, and search engine optimization. Kim and her team provide digital consulting services primarily for clients in the legal, medical, technology, lifestyle, health, wellness, nutrition, and mindfulness spaces. Kim is also the author of the forthcoming book Social Media Marketing: Learn Social Media in 10-20-30 Minutes a Day, which is geared toward helping smaller businesses and brands develop their online presence.

Kim has been published in publications like:

Kim is the founder and CEO of, a marketing agency with the goal of helping clients bring the vision of their brand to life.


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