Shoutout Saturday - KC Houston

KC Houston has a way with words and the ability to capture a plethora of emotions through a pen. These writings serve as a safe space for her daily thoughts, pain, and escape from reality. Everyone needs an outlet and when you don’t feel like talking writing is a creative way to go.

KC hopes to motivate and encourage those that may be struggling with the same issues in these stories. Creating an avenue for conversation among family, friends, and co-workers. A safe space for personal issues that are too complex for society or the media.

Her latest book is an urban romantic suspense novel, Secrets of my Heart’s Desire. Here is a little sneak peak:

An unplanned pregnancy has caused concerns to grow inside the carefree love affair that has Harper Ward’s soul entwined with Calvin’s. She has no remorse after falling for a married man and she believes she could never be called a mistress since she knew him before he was married.

Nevertheless their relationship begins to grow apart while Harper is forced to deal with the sudden death of her best friend of almost ten years. Grief and guilt causes Harper to spiral out of control leaving a slew of broken hearts in her path.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, Harper receives several unnerving packages in the mail causing paranoia to consume her daily thoughts. Her accusations has caused a major rift between her and those closest to her while all of her darkest secrets come to light.

Harper has to choose whether or not the desires of her heart outweigh surviving the secrets from her past.

KC Houston is an entrepreneur as well as an author of urban romance and erotica. A native from Jackson, Mississippi and is known for being an avid reader and having a passion for writing poems, short stories, essays and so much more.


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