Shoutout Saturday! Jessica Greenwalt

Like the historical polymaths she writes about, Jessica's curiosity and appetite for variety drives her towards many pursuits. In addition to writing articles for the world's first encyclopedia of positive impact, Impact Record, Jessica is an award-winning designer, UX researcher, illustrator, crafter, and startup founder. Her latest creation is, where she is working with some of the world's biggest art collectors, gallerists, curators, and patrons to build a platform to connect artists with financial support.

Previously, Jessica co-founded CrowdMed, a platform that solves the world's most difficult medical cases in a fraction of the time and cost of the traditional medical system. This earned her recognition as one of Inc. Magazine’s 10 Women to Watch in Tech,'s "50 Women in Tech Dominating Silicon Valley", Huffington Post's "6 Women Rocking Tech for Good", and Today’s Leading Women's "Power 50". She credits her experience at CrowMed with preparing her to build's contributions platform. is a place for artists to share who they are and what they're working on with people who want to support up-and-coming artists. Supporters can make contributions to the artists they appreciate, and sponsors can match those contributions, quickly growing the financial support artists receive. Her larger vision for is to expand the platform to support musicians, communities, nonprofits, and more.

When she's not working on, she's researching, writing articles about, and illustrating people who've made a significant lasting positive impact on the world, but haven't received recognition for their work. Her goal is to shift the narrative of history education away from conquest towards celebrating people who've made positive impacts on the world. Right now, her favorite historical figure is Mary Summerville because of her dedication to learning, widespread impact on the world of science, and humility. To learn more about Mary Summerville and other amazing historical figures, visit

Jessica is a founder of, Impact Record, CrowdMed, and Pixelkeet.


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