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Raegan Daley, also known as "The Caption Girl" I am a Communications Consultant, Personal Brand Coach, Marketer and Writer.  My MBA from Florida International University is underway, (April 2021) - As it stands, FIU has one of the most elite business programs in the continental U.S. So, I'm really excited to be a part of the Masters program. My undergraduate degree is in Public Relations from The University Of Florida (Weimer, College of Journalism and Communications). I've also been practicing Public Relations for 3 years.

PR TIPS FOR BEGINNERS (Or anyone that wants to define their personal brand on social media) 1. Image is essential 

I talk about brand audits pretty often. Needless to say, they are quite important. You have to maintain a brand image that is relevant to your current audience or the target audience you're after. In order to do so, keep an account of your current brand reputation. Audit if your brand is still serving the purpose it is set out to. How is your image / brand currently being reflected?

2. Be yourself

No one likes a phony. You simply have to be yourself in order to gain a powerful following who will actually engage with the product or service you're offering. You'd be amazed that people buy into products, simply because they have a genuine connection or appreciation for the person behind it! Take Fenty Skin for instance. People love Rihanna!

3. Maintain who and what your brand stands for online and offline

You want to make sure that who you show up as in person, is who you are online and vice versa. I know, we hate to admit it, but reputation is important in business.

Hence, you have two sets of reputations to maintain. One in person, one online.

4. Authenticity goes further than you'd imagine

Speak the truth and keep it real. Even if the truth ends up being difficult to express, take your time to process the information you want to share. People will appreciate you keeping it real.

5. Consistency builds a loyal brand following

Try to keep up with your brand. Schedule and plan your content in a way that suits your schedule, but still, doesn't become too stagnant. Your followers need some action! Give it to them!

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