Shout out Saturday-Tamela Handie

“Courage Comes in Handie.”

Tamela (pronounced Tam-Uh-Luh) Handie is a Published Author and Blogger, Communications Strategist, Certified Facilitator, On-Air Personality, Voiceover Artist, Storyteller, and a Poetess from the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Her podcast, “Gumbo Nights with Miss Handie,” is a series of varied experiences, and I candidly share all of the crazy shit that’s happened to her without apology. Most notably on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2001, her life literally went from a hot mess to a hot miracle.

She lives and breathes COMMUNICATION. If you NEED help FINDING the Right WORDS or Developing the COURAGE to Speak Up, Speak Out, or IMPROVE your Writing, message her.

Tamela's MISSION is to identify and destroy PATTERNS of personal and professional BEHAVIOR that disrupt healthy communication.

Learn more about Tamela on LinkedIn, Clubhouse, Medium, and Facebook. "Gumbo Nights with Miss Handie" is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and every other major podcast platform.

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