Shout out Saturday- Author Stephanie Callaham

Hi, my name is Stephanie Callaham, author of "Beast of Both Worlds" and "Poetry E-Motion"

My back story is hilarious, well I think so. Well, I grew up in a small town, born to a teenage mom, and spent most of my early childhood in hospitals having spinal surgery due to scoliosis; kids were mean but the adults were meaner. I learned to become a decepticon by dressing slightly different to blend in with the natives. Growing up in the lost Mayberry town your trust can cause you harm or at least I fell for it. Little did I know, that cold damp day in November of my 18 year, would have a impact on my entire life. So, that's twice I defied death.

Going to college opened my eyes to a bigger world. I've never been anywhere so leaving my small hometown driving through a slightly bigger town to get to the city was to exciting. That hour and a half drive was everything. I was out and didn't look back at "Mayberry". I was on a new adventure of finding Stephanie, and I wasn't scared.

Long story short, I graduated with BSW, met a dude, found the perfect job,7 years later we got married, raised four beautiful kids. Even the way I was fired in 2012 from my perfect job was damn near hilarious. Like they say one door closes the other one opens. That's the year Author/Actor Stephanie was born. I published my first book Poetry è- motion and were in several tv shows, local movies and web series. My second book The Beast of Both Worlds came out August 2020. I had a virtual book launch on Halloween.

I began writing at 9 and never stopped. So, it's a part of me. Lol

Learn more about the comedian, poet and author on instagram

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