Shout Out Saturday - Ashley Martin

Ashley M. Martin is the principal consultant of Leadership Lady,  a training and development company focused on helping people & organizations close their leadership and soft skills gaps to improve operational efficiency. Focusing 3 areas for improvement - people, productivity, and programming, Leadership Lady works collaboratively with individuals and teams to save money, improve productivity, and reach goals.  Prior to training and consulting, Ashley served as an educational leader in public education as a teacher and later an administrator. She has a Master’s in Educational Leadership and is the author of Focus: Productive Leadership in Action and others books.

Leaders Lens

The series is around real-life insights into leadership and a glimpse at things from your perspective. It has the aim of humanizing those who have a view from the top, equipping aspiring leaders, and encouraging everyday people.

Ashley has a heart for leaders and the next generation, fully believing we learn something new every day.  She loves travel, green tea, fun pens, and journals. 


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