Shout of Saturday: Sarah Noel Block

Tiny Marketing, Big Impact for Small Business

Sarah Noel Block is a the creator of Tiny Marketing, a virtual marketing director for small B2Bs. She uses her experience as a one-person marketing department for a 7-company group to build strong marketing strategies that scale. When you work with Tiny Marketing, you get executive-level guidance and a curated team for one flat monthly price. This business is designed specifically for small B2Bs with no marketing department and we know exactly what you need to be successful.

With over fifteen years of marketing experience, she has built award-winning B2B blogs, educated audiences of 1 to 1,000, developed and implemented several efficient marketing plans, and onboarded automaton processes 4X.

Sarah is a full-stack digital marketer, specializing in content marketing, providing three tiers of service: virtual marketing department, educational experiences, and digital marketing consulting. She's has been featured in American Marketing Association, Tech Funnel, Entrepreneur, Managing Editor, Top of Mind with Stewart Hillhouse and Defy: The Status Quo.

Check out Sarah's site here and follow her on instagram!


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