Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem.

Silver Linings

The raindrops land differently upon the roof

Or maybe it is my ears that have changed

Birds chirping as they always do

Yet it never brought so much peace to my mind

The sky a shade of blue that has no name

Or maybe it is my eyes that have changed

Its’ beauty cannot be described

But it never drew my gaze so well

The aroma of a bouquet so pleasant

Or maybe it is my nose that has changed

Scents sent straight to my brain from heaven

These signals have not always been so potent

The taste of dinner so comforting

Or maybe it is my tongue that has changed

Spices so strong that I’m salivating

And I never knew how to savor until now

The dog soft enough to be my pillow

Or maybe it is my skin that has changed

With the absence of another human’s touch

A deep appreciation has formed for any at all

-Silver Linings of Quarantine

Heidi Hendrix has contributed multiple poetry pieces for GTM. Check out her other poems "Opaque Walls" and "All The Things I Did In The In Between" exclusively at Girltellme.com