Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem.

Girls are special we are told...

But are we made to feel so? At home, place of work or even by our loved ones There are subtle restrictions to even threats To abide, obey and surrender that’s expected of us We have no reproach Are girls some kind of commodity that just gets shifted around We get raped, acid thrown, burnt and abused We have to be covered at will and unclothed at a whim Do we share a passion or not Is nobody’s care We can’t complain, share our pain People young and old look with disdain O’ lady you may contribute several times more Yet, they will gnaw you right to the core!!! We cook, care and nurse Is being a woman a curse? From dusk to dawn; over and again tirelessly we toil But an ounce of appreciation never comes our way Let the men be But fellow women are you so jealous? Encourage your brethren, we shall be each other’s strength. We brave it all yet the title remains As some’s daughter, wife or mother! I want to be known for ME! It’s simple you see Yet you find it hard and again I stand in the way of your superiority. Was I lonely with you around or without you My existence was suffocated by your dominance You wanted subservience I was preyed on for every act My pain and hurt were a matter of fact My beleaguered self-esteem was torn to pieces Yet your torment never ceases Far in the abyss of dismay and deprivation Agony, pain, and subjugation I have solace I am not alone there are many like me After I left, I’m solitary But I am ME!

A postgraduate, writer by profession, passionate about poetry. A gypsy at heart with a penchant for travel and adventure, of course, a homemaker by choice. Keerti Pai, freelance content writer for pencil9.