Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem

All the things I did in the in-between

The furniture I put together by myself Late nights of music to drown the silence of my home The tears I shed The sweat I poured All the streets I ran, Pounding my feet into the pavement Like drumsticks hitting the snare The injured hip endured If it meant soothing the thoughts Attempting to run my life

All the things I did in the in-between Patiently waiting for a day that may never come Words that may never be spoken Hearts that may always stay broken The friends I made The new jokes we formed To dim the lingering emptiness When you lose someone And they still walk the earth It’s like a ghost of pain deep in your belly

All the things I did in the between The speculations The meditations to ease my soul The longing for balance again The little lies I told myself Since hope is better than none at all We tell ourselves that these are simply All the things that exist in the in-between, Because we believe that person will come back And hopefully, by then we will still choose love despite All the sorrow we felt in the in-between.

Heidi is a writer and comedian residing in Raleigh, North Carolina. She loves to travel, indulge in numerous outdoor activities and explore the human mind through the lens of a cognitive and social psychology educational background. She can frequently be found sprinting to make it to places on time, dancing out of boredom, and drinking excessive amounts of Americanos.