Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem.

Their Strength

Each her own but all a story to tell

of pain, courage, hope, love and toil.

The mother with a child with special needs

To the mama who has many mouths to feed;

Then, woman who just lost a child?

And the wife who has lost a husband

To the girlfriend struggling with an abusive partner

And the single lady trying so hard to find a man.

Each their struggles they hide; putting on a brave face to smile

Showing the world that they can overcome any adversity that come their way.

Praying to the father above for strength to cope.

Trying to hold on to the hope; that one day all will be well.

A mother; a sister; a wife; a daughter; a friend; a girlfriend,

Each one a strong woman pacing the face of the earth.

Making sacrifices as humans; creating a life worthy of living.

Together an epitome of strength.

The Destination

A journey to the unknown,

In a far of distance

A wave of fear extracted from an unpleasant memory

A tom-tom of choices and a dance of hope to a hopeless heart.

A journey to the unknown

A joyful smile on a wrinkled face;

for a path is seen In a grass so green.

Now a destination is certain.

Obiribea Ampofo-Addo (my friends call me Ob), founder of The Sisterhood of Women (@thesisterhoodofwomen) an online platform focused on celebrating inspiring and empowering women from all walks of life. I am originally from Ghana but currently live in the Chicago. I enjoy reading, writing, traveling, volunteering and cooking. My dream is to see a world where the fundamental freedoms and rights of all persons are truly respected.