Pitch Please January 2021

Welcome to Pitch, Please - your spot to find information about where to send your next pitch. Each month we'll post a list of publications accepting submissions and we'll let you know if they're even worth your time based on things like the writing specs, the publication's communication, and how much money you can expect to make, if any (remember, sometimes it's a labor of love!)

*This month we sent our pitches and (sadly) got no responses. It could've been because of the holiday season (you know people were busy getting their rest on and waiting for the New Year to be somebody) so just a heads up, girl, you might not hear back, but send that pitch anyway!

Bitch Media

Bitch Media is a brand with a mission to provide a feminist perspective on all things media and pop culture. They're looking for thoughtful, engaged pieces for all of their publications, which include online blogs, a print magazine, illustrations and even public relations. They publish online content five days a week, so they need alll the pitches.

Communication - Sadly, they get too many submissions to respond to each and every one, but if you do hear from them, it'll be because you were selected for publication (yay!) So get on it until you get a response.

Cash Money - The pay varies depending on the category of the pitch, but the range for written work is between $250 - $700, and $200 - $400 for illustrations.

Specifications - They don't publish fiction or poetry, just nonfiction narratives about relevant topics. The submission page is very specific so we highly suggest checking it out and going over the publication before submitting anything.

There's a link on the Submission Guidelines page underneath each topic where you can submit your pitch. First-time pitches need to include an outline of you piece or the full, finished product.

Forge at Medium

If you haven't heard about Medium, you're sleeping on it. Medium is a website dedicated to all types of writing, from amateurs to experts and everything in between. Anyone can write for this website, and you're compensated for the audience that you grow there. Forge is a publication on Medium about professional development, with a focus on in-depth exploration of our constant struggle to do all the things. (Read - no fluffy, inspirational "quick fix" caca. They want the real deal).

Communication - You'll get an autoreply with a "thank you for your submission" once you send your pitch, and it claims to respond to all pitches within two weeks. If you don't hear back by then, you didn't get selected and you can go ahead and pitch that beautiful idea somwhere else.

Cash Money - Yes, ma'am! &.85 - $1.00 per word.

Specifications - They're looking for expert and research-backed "strategies to be more productive, inspired and whole." So this is another pitch that's going to require some homework, boo, but if you come correct, you might just get published and get PAID!

Email your pitch idea with a short summary (keep it to a paragraph so they'll be more likely to read it) to Forge@medium.com


FreelanceMom is a website dedicated to helping working moms get information and resources about how to run a successful business on their own terms (ummm, hello women empowerment!)

Communication - The submission guidelines page claims that submissions will receive a response, good or bad. As of right now, it's been two weeks and we haven't heard back but it was the holiday season so that could be a factor. (Don't worry, we'll update y'all if we do get a response)

Cash Money - Yes ma'am! Each submission will receive $75 - $100 if chosen for publication. Payments are made through Paypal (so make sure you get one of those if you want this money)

Specifications - The guidelines page is very specific so we're going to just leave this link here for you to go and read through it. What you really need to know is that you're going to have to outline your piece, and be prepared to write between 900 - 1,500 words. Heads up, boo, if you submit a pitch that doesn't meet the specifications, you might not even get it read, so make sure you do your homework. Remember, if you want to be a professional writer we're going to need you to act like it first, okurrr?

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