MOTM: Save The Date, for yourself.


Well, well, well another month, another lesson.

It's September 1, 2021 and you just received yet another "Save the Date" from a blissful relationship blooming into matrimony. Luckily aside from being a guest with a plus one of YOU, you are also in celebration of yourself. Yep! You heard it, the self love, self dedication and self motivation to complete your passion projects, goals and anything in between. On this journey you are becoming more self reliant in the process but setting you on personal "save the dates" and sticking to those timelines.

As if the writing it not on the wall- set the date and stick to the date. Then, execute, execute, execute!

Now, when assessing your personal "save the date" make sure it is something you really want and be realistic about your own likeliness to complete. Take 30 days to complete a task and see how consistent and dedicated you can be in the process. Maybe it isn't really what you want, or are actually terrible with the execution? After the timeline finishes, did you hit the goal? If so! Congratulations! If not, Congratulations are also an order- you now have a better understanding of the obstacles in your way towards completion or even a potential pivot. Either way, staying aligned with your goals will ultimately pay off through failure or success.

Save the date and be sure to invite your family and friends to the affair, you might end up with a toaster!


Ok Girl, We See YOU.

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