MOTM: No time to talk. Finishing My Book!

Last month was "Save the Date for Yourself" and this month is about getting it done.

I was rereading my journal the other day and realized a lot of the things I was manifesting and hoping for ARE ACTUALLY FUCKING HAPPENING. It's crazy how some of the things I've dreamt of completing I've already done. It's as if I am didn't realize my dreams were so limiting at the time. So, now as we embark on adding a new title to the resume, your girl is in shock.


Fuck, I'm about to be an author.

Move over Hemmingway, Shakespeare and Poe! There's a new bitch in town and she's coming with an opinion!

I look back at all of my accomplished goals and realize the one factor was consistency.

Do it everyday, even when it sucks and overtime you will see some form of progress.

I promise you.

Normally I give some advice, but I'm going to take this moment to sit in this space and relish in the journey.

Preorder mid November.

More information to come.


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