Life's events are a vehicle, and the driver is hydroplaning.

Sliding uncontrollably on a surface that suddenly disappeared

What you believed to be clear of all hazards is now the missing foundation.

Recovery is a process, and you have the standard procedure.

It is your decision to respond to this current circumstance appropriately.

You know all the choices you can make in this crisis.

Reconnecting your vessel to the surface is up to you.

The critical component here is waiting. Waiting. Waiting for the surface beneath you.

Do not panic

Pullover, breath.

Give yourself time to recover and collect yourself before continuing your journey.

You know what led to this point.

Neglect of the conditions.

The insufficient time you gave yourself.

The speed at which you have been traveling is untrustworthy.

All this buildup

Was right in front of you. Take some responsibility, the depths of despair that you discounted has caught up with you.

You have lost traction. This is deeper than you anticipated.

It is dangerous to make quick decisions.

You are spinning in circles.

Your life is flashing before your eyes and the control you once bare’d is the burden you must now mask.

It is critical to be alert and to take things slowly.

This is a heavy downpour, and it will be for an extended period of time.

Most things wash away, making conditions less dangerous.

But in these conditions, the only way to begin maintaining traction is to take things one step at a time.

The reality is you cannot prevent hydroplaning, and you most certainly cannot always recover.

There is potential for an accident.

And the truth is it's not always easy to say whose fault it was or to be better afterward

We cannot control what is happening, but as it happens, we can choose to accept the causes for the crisis and be okay with it.

Hello, my name is Dejamarie Crozier, and I am a multidimensional person. One part of my personality that I have learned to embrace and love is the creative side. In the last six months, I have embarked on a journey of honestly expressing myself through writing. I have had many trials, tragedies, and triumphs in my life, and my creative characteristics have led me to art therapy. I call my pieces expressive writing. I believe there are real healing powers in writing. The act of expressing myself through writing has become a form of therapy. It allows me to express my personal feelings as I navigate grief, process trauma, and battle depression and anxiety. These written disclosures have helped me answer questions, state my opinions and beliefs, recount my personal experiences, and, most importantly, heal. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share one with you.

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