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"Nik, is vulnerability a Strength or a Weakness?"

Shit! How much time do you have? haha.

Short Answer: Fuck Yes; a strength.

Vulnerability sounds like such a harsh word when it comes to any situation of growth, learning and getting to know ANYBODY, but is is required. Ironically it is also something that is used more negatively than positive when discussed amongst social settings. Normally it is masked with being called a "softy" or "emotional" but once acknowledging those are all projections, you understand that vulnerability is a super power we all have.


vul·​ner·​a·​ble | \ ˈvəl-n(ə-)rə-bəl , ˈvəl-nər-bəl \

Definition of vulnerable 1: capable of being physically or emotionally wounded 2: open to attack or damage : ASSAILABLE vulnerable to criticism

Now, let's just get this straight, I'm NOT talking about physical vulnerability. For those talking about getting these hands, we good. No one wants your shit. haha BUT I'm talking more from an emotional perspective. The shear fact of allowing the capability means for openness and further opportunity to grow as a person. Vulnerability is successful when met with maturity and understanding. Also! Be sure to understand vulnerability should be shared with specific people who are safe enough to understand it is- and don't let me get started on boundaries!

So yes, vulnerability is a strength, just create some boundaries so a bitch don't try you and then we both in our feelings, haha.


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