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"Nik, How soon is too soon with dating?"

Well, well, well...on the eve of Valentine's Day, it is rather fitting to get a love question.

Short Answer: "It's too soon"

I know I'm not alone when I've looked at a rushed relationship and said "who the fuck is this person?" after the 3rd month of dating.

The moment when he openly farts in front of you and you find out he's never used a toe nail clipper a day in his life; not just hygiene, but you get my drift.

To the person asking, it's too soon is when you ask the question. A shitty timeline of shitty men endeavors has overtime taught me the beauty of boundaries. Interestingly enough, time allows the opportunity for longevity if you ask me.

Look at your new discovered love as an interview. Do you just hire off the resume pulled from a craigslist ad? No. You interview, check references, background check, and sometimes pull credit.

Use that as a source of reference.

Why rush the interview process when you don't even know if the resume matches?

If anything, your interpersonal relationships should mimic a government job; 401k and benefits included. Some jobs can take up to a year before you're actually in a seat and the same should go with meeting, interviewing and potentially growing with "Mike, 36" from Hinge. Yes- everything looks good on paper, but take the time to make sure the actions match the words.

Additionally, what's the rush? If that person is serious about building a future with you- they ain't going anywhere. No, but seriously. Sometimes the things that take the longest to make taste the best, unless you want peanut butter and jelly or cold bologna for the rest of your life (takes minutes).

Girl, work on that soufflé ass relationship.

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