Finger Snap Series Presents: Decide Me.

Decide me in and out,

Divide me within and throughout.

Tailored tragic glass,

Caught betrayed through fingers grasped.

Slipped essence of teardrops spun,

Down through a silken golden sun.

Followed memories strayed,

A fusion of mirage cascades.

This is our candle wick,

Come to an end.

Burned out with violent sins.

For earthly delights seize,

And plush ideals eased.

A momentum of fire wrought,

As a decision is made,

A division dedicated to my dismay.

A choice wanted in silenced auction.

How fools and lovers sought them.

Your choice becomes mine to make,

An unraveling question of cruel fate.

You've already left,

Your heart has too.

All that's left is misery,

That's what I cling to.

Who will be there to decide,

What is left when I'm alone to cry?

Divide my courage and omit the lies,

Carry my burdens and wish I'll die.

Furnished lessons of guilt and conviction,

I'll still be here tired and stricken.

Once were words of love that I spoke,

Have grown tired now,

Even memories of your name,

Escape me then and again.

Tired wings upon birds of calloused joy,

Heart-broken and loved come crashing down.

You've decided for me,

You've divided me.

You've made me,

And still betrayed me.

A foolish wanted ending at last,

I coil here beneath the ash.

Waiting until the summer has come.

Again and within I come to love.

Myself, and to it's pieces I cherish at last.

I decide me,

Never divide me,

I make me,

And never betray me.

An equal to an end,

Thanks to you I found myself again.

At last I'm at peace,

I'm not concerned with you in the least.

Fruition has come at last,

What was once my life is now my past.

Life is still to be lived,

Even with a heart that's singed.

Born in Michigan and growing up in North Carolina and later moving to Nashville, Jacob now lives in Alabama with his wonderful wife and two children, never having a dull moment.

A true music junkie, he's met and played with a wide variety of people across all spectrums and walks of life, sparking his creativity and desire to bring about new tales and passions. He remains a workaholic, working full-time as a manager of a guitar shop and a full-time father. He still manages to be a part-time lover and a part-time writer as well, but most importantly, he remains a lighting rod for inspiration and unpredictability. Jacob has been writing for about 10 years and much of his life has been devoted to music. These ideas spun into stories and poems, and remain the pillar of his work.

Check out his new releases on his Patreon page there you can find his collection of work and can sign up to support him.


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