Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem.


No, I am not perfect

I am not who you want me to be

I am only human

What do you expect of me?

No, I am not perfect

I am not what you dream

I am a woman of many faults

Who else can I be?

No, I’m not perfect

I am not willing to follow your stream

I am a powerful woman

You can not conform me?

New Chapter

I’m starting a new Chapter is what I hear people say

when they steer away from a path that was made.

This chapter is new, although the book is not fresh.

The past is still written in the chapters before the next.

I am writing a new book is what you’ll hear me say.

When I change direction from what the past made.

This book is fresh, there is no use for the past.

As I write a new story and dictate my own path.

Imagine A Place

Release all the pressure

Release all the pain

Release all the anger

Imagine a world where you are free

Imagine nothing could hurt you or me

Imagine your heart and mind intertwined

Imagine pain turned into power

Imagine pressure turned into rain showers

Imagine anger turned into flowers

Release all the negativity that’s inside

Release all the rules you abide

Release all that’s occupying your mind

Imagine a new world, leave the rest behind

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