Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem.

“Sweet Sin”

Sin is never as bitter as they say in the holy books.

It’s a sweet candied apple so deliciously red,

I could take a bite out of it and relish the juice on my lips.

It gives me a fullness that even heaven’s finest ambrosia couldn’t fulfill.

If sin is so good then why would the Devil try to lure me?

If God cared enough, then what’s his tests to me?

I could sit here all day and get drunk on that insidious nectar.

The burning flames could soothe me like a sunny day,

And the insects would be my best friends.

The stench of Hell could be replaced with the scent of my sinful fruit.

Nothing could break me as long as I had the courage to face God,

And tell him that I will be a servant to no one.


Single life is easy

Because you can only destroy yourself.

Even still, confidence is key

And there is no reason to panic

When there’s a love of your life.

But there are bills, groceries and life,

The ticking of time

As your life slowly fades away.

Productivity becomes a necessity

But it lives with everything else:

Love life, friendships, coworkers.

When I’m so tired that i can’t stand,

I can’t be the one they need,

But I can’t be absent either.

When I let go of myself,

Everything becomes disordered

And I end up at my old habits.

I don’t sleep regularly anymore

Because the anxiety keeps me up

But i must be awake to put in the work.

I am what they call a “grown up,”

No longer privileged with youthful abandon,

Merely accepting of the inevitable.

Adulthood is accepting the entropy

And begrudgingly organizing things

Back to the way they were before.


The devil came knocking on my door,

With a briefcase and tie.

Told me I could have it all,

If I just sign on the dotted line.

He promised riches and gold.

Laudation in large auditoriums,

Bright lights to illuminate my face,

And maybe the chance to escape.

I pondered for a while,

Thinking about the promise being made:

To sell myself

For a chance to live my wildest dreams.

I could travel to new lands,

That were out of reach from my hands.

I could dress in fine silks and furs

Fancy shoes and gold rings galore.

Or I could be little old me,

As alive as I could ever be,

But with no one knowing my name

And nothing to make my claim to fame.

I could give it all away,

My family, my friends, my old life

To be someone new,

Someone everyone can embrace.

And to the devil, I looked right in the eye

When I made my decision if I would sign away my life.

It would be with me until I die

With no chance of a refund or an exchange.

Marina Ali is a student, writer, poet, and blue lipstick enthusiast. She is assistant marketing manager and poetry editor for Brown Girl Magazine and the managing editor for Drunk Magazine. When she’s not writing or studying for classes, you can find her picnicking in pastoral East Texas, crafting for her sorority sisters, or making food.