Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem.

Old hags and young bitches

Time to unearth your feminine riches

Slender, fat, short, tall

With or without balls

Divine energy of every shape and stripe

The time to celebrate is ripe

You know who you are

Time to come together from afar

Let others see our universality

And that beings can just BE

Embrace the light

No need to fight

Loving our bodies, minds, and souls

Is enough of a goal

And such a wonder to behold!

Trish loved books as a tot/ When she started school, she looked forward to reading about Dick and Jane and Spot/ Rhyming has always been a way for her to have fun/ And spread some joy and laughter after all is said and done/ When writing this bio/ The most import/ thing she wants you to know/ Is that her favorite word is onomatopoeia/ And not just because it rhymes with pizzeria/ Pronouncing each syllable is so amusing/ That it can be positively bemusing