Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem.

Battling the big “D”

Smile on your face as we walk the weary path

You don’t reveal the angst and pain

Subdued by duty and shame

Depression and panic attacks may not stop in pill popping sprees

Family, friends and cohesive surroundings make a difference 

Don’t shun the one who stood by you

It’s a mental state that sets in

when u try to figure it out, u sink deep in

Day and night don’t seem to matter

Memories fade and thoughts scatter

U live a life not knowing your worth and feel best not to live

U go away, that’s when it hits hard 

of knowing what u had been suffering 

Too late for u but not so,for many like u

If only we stood by u, we wouldn’t have lost u 

Don’t let someone else go over it once again 

Deep down however guilt ridden we may feel 

For not understanding your pain

Ur death will remind us that a mind has issues...too

Keerti Pai