Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem.

Do you ever wonder? If it’s gunshots or it’s thunder? If someone’s going 6 feet under Or you just missed the lightning? I choose to believe it’s thunder I don’t think I could stand Another life being turned into a number Do you ever wonder When people will be treated as people? How many lives until we’re treated as equal? People walk with privilege strapped to their back Ready to counteract somebody’s complexion Try walking through life with constant rejection of your identity Cause stereotypes are all they see Just because I’m Black doesn’t make me less American Just because you stole it doesn’t make this your land I won’t stand for the excuse I thought they were a criminal That seems quite trivial after they’re dead I’ll spend my whole life getting unity stuck in your head I can run without being a thief I can cough without being a virus A whole race can’t look like the enemy I can’t believe you’re still trying to divide us I still have a whole life ahead of me, and I’m not giving up now You can’t silence my voice And when you come for one of us We rise up you give us no choice

Cydney Brown is currently a junior at Abington Friends School. She grew to love poetry by reading poems by Maya Angelou and Robert Frost. She loves how there are no limitations with writing. Cydney wishes to inspire her peers, and share her poetry with the world. She wrote a book entitled “Daydreaming” and is currently working on another one. Her poetry explores the ideas of love, self image, and reflections through poetry. When she is not writing she sells sit-upons on Etsy. For more information check out her blog, Etsy , and instagram @cydtalks


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