Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem.

Where are you?

I wake up every morning depending on you to be there and you aren’t I go to bed every night praying to go to bed with you but you never show up At work people ask me if we’re together and I express with sadness... nah we’re not . You haven’t been here for awhile. I pretend you are . I’m good at pretending I pretend I’m still in our honeymoon phase where everything is so great and dandy But we all know you left me a long time ago I’ve been fine though I moved on to other things... someone else who isn’t quite meant to put a smile on my face like you did but they pushed the image of you out my head and made me forget ... all of them did Yeah I know ... Them Depression, Anxiety, and everything else in between When you left depression took the smile you used to keep on my face and no matter how hard I try to fight the frown he tells me hey I’m here you don’t have to fight it just be with me ... but see depression wasn’t selfish He likes to share me with anxiety... anxieties cool and all if you’re into guys who like you to feel nothing but worry . He likes to choke me up to the point I can’t breathe or talk . It’s like a roller coaster ride that got stuck dropping ... When I try to leave them I run to everything in between looking for you and you’re there ... you’re in there somewhere for a moment. Short term satisfaction of what you’re supposed to bring me So where are you? Where are you happiness I know it’s been awhile and I’m all used and beat up from everyone else I’ve been using to get over you ... I need you ... more than I have in a while . So if you wanted to stop by for just a moment . I’d accept you to full capacity-until my cheeks hurt from the smile you put on my face.

Sunni Lewis from Fredericksburg VA is a 24 year old wife and mother of at 1 year old. She enjoys writing spoken word pieces and likes to mime on her free time. She’s a highly enthusiastic person and enjoys meeting new people! She’s currently working on her book about her life coming soon!


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