Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem.

A Lover Friend

My friend, my lover,

Like old souls reconnected in a way only God knows

Why love took so long finding me ; I do not know

When love finds you ; it binds you

My friend, my lover, 

When love finds you ; it keeps you

This feels unreal ; it feels like a dream

 Only I  know it's so real.

My friend, my lover,

Not a day without me yearning to hear your voice

I can't imagine being with any other

I always want to be with you

My friend, my lover

When love finds you ; it loves you

Like old souls reconnected in a way only God knows 

That is how I know your love has found mine.

With love

your lover friend 

Obiribea Ampofo-Addo's platform on Instagram is called The Sisterhood of Women (@thesisterhoodofwomen) dedicated to celebrating, empowering and inspiring women from all walks of live.  In my  spare time, I enjoy reading, writing and volunteering with organizations that promote the human rights agenda.


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