Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem.

it was the first day of fall and she was falling.

falling in love with her future

in love with herself

with being loved the way she loves herself

she's falling out of attraction to what isn't a match

and falling into wanting what wants her

she's taking the time to breathe in moments of anxiety and trying to let go of the worry of what comes next

she's paving her path to the future while waving goodbye to her past

Jill Lavigne is a freelance writer, editor and proofreader living in Canada. Always a deep thinker and a deep feeler, music, art and literature found their way into her heart at a very young age. After starting a personal blog to share her travels in 2010, she then began writing professionally in 2014. She continues to explore her personal writing through her Instagram page with pieces that explore the human experience, relationships, psychology and emotional wellness. Through her writing, she hopes people feel seen for who they truly are deep down and to connect with others in a meaningful way.

Personal work IG: @jillavigne

Professional work CV:


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