Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem

If Only

If only time would stop.

Even for a minute.

I could enjoy a moment.

I could burn your image in my skull.

I could look into your eyes and see the galaxy.

I could smile again.

Time doesn’t stop because if it did we would always be happy.

Time moves so we can move on.

My Evil Twin

I define my anxiety as a person. A person I despise. My enemy. An evil twin. I can’t control her at times because she can be a little too powerful for me. She knows me all too well. She fills my head with doubt. She tells me I’m no good. She digs up all these thoughts and causes me to panic. I’ll lay there crying and she’s right next to me, smiling.

She fights me on everything.

When I feel defeated, she laughs with joy.

She never wants to lose.

At times I can win and when I do she tells me “There’s always a next time.”

It’s a never-ending battle with her but I never said I was done fighting.

Her name is Anxiety and she’s a bitch.

Katie Short designs and prints mugs for her Etsy shop; Mug Love. When she is not obsessing over mugs, Katie loves to take photos, be in the outdoors, and spend time with her husband and cats. Katie writes as a creative outlet and hopes her work encourages others to do the same.