Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem.

A Poem

I look like an angel

But it's a different thing when I speak

Allow me to introduce myself

Bow down to the queen

I'm not asking for respect

I'm demanding it

No more nice Nancy

Cuz you don't understand it 

Something Slight Poem 

Eliminated all the pain

It's not coming back like the Terminator

I was my biggest enemy 

The common denominator 


"My life was a treadmill, I was running from myself!"

I am from Atlanta, GA. Go Falcons! I've had a love for poetry since the age of 12. I've always loved writing and reading. It became a passion for me and I found myself thinking about writing all day to the point where I had to buy notebooks and keep them nearby. I really feel like this is a God given gift. I use my platform of writing poetry to make people laugh. Make people know their not the only one going through problems and let them know it will be okay. I love what I do. 

Follow her @iampoetry2934

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