Finger Snap Series Presents: A Poem.

Better Than Me

He thinks he’s better than me.

Somehow he heard what I wanted to be

And laughed in my face at my reality.

He wants to sail the sea,

Visit every place and climb every tree,

Spend all of his parents’ money.

He thinks there’s only one kind of free.

In his eyes I’m less than a nobody.

But, you know what, I disagree.

So what if I want to get my degree?

What’s wrong with a white wedding in a marquee?

I’m allowed to apply for school trustee.

I like reading books under the apple tree

And going on walks and drinking herbal tea.

I find peace in watching the flight of the honey bee.

Life doesn’t come with a guarantee

So this is who I want to be.

You’re different but you’re not better than me.

Deborah Rose Green is the author of 'Dragon Pearls' (2019) and 'Crown My Heart' (2020). She's currently working as Contributing Editor at Hey Young Writer and she's starting a Creative Writing BA (Hons) in September. You can follow her on Instagram @authordeborahrose or connect with her on LinkedIn as Deborah Rose Green. For more information, visit


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