Decluttering of the mind

Chloe carried that baggage in those large sad eyes. Her mind was filled with worry, fear, anxiety as her husband had long gambled their home away. Her children were too little to understand, and her in-laws didn’t seem to care about her financial situation. Her boss had even made passes at her.

What do you think Chloe had to do? She couldn’t focus, she felt helpless. Several Chloe's in this World seem to be in a similar situation. Chole needs to pause, rethink, and take out the fear and anxiety from her mind. She needs to take a stand. She needs to seek her friends and family, who she trusts to get her out of this situation. With so many things in her mind, she cannot think straight, make emotional decisions or break down, and let her life spiral out of control.

Take charge, declutter

For you are not a pushover

Take a stand in life

For you’re no longer just a mother or wife

Your cap can add another feather

Turn your apron to a cape, let it flutter

Keerti Pai is a postgraduate, writer by profession, passionate about poetry. A gypsy at heart with a penchant for travel and adventure, of course, a homemaker by choice. She currently writes for pencil9.


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