Keep In Mind: Burnt Toast

How often do you find yourself feeling overworked by a goal with no sign of results? You may even begin to have thoughts and feelings that are not aligned with your spirit, weigh heavy on your heart, and make your mind overwhelmed. If you are like most people you may have even stopped and asked yourself, "Is it worth it?" I am here to tell you; it is more than worth it!

What you are experiencing is not equal to your goal's worth and the result you want to achieve. It is quite the opposite; maybe you are missing the moments in between wanting the result and working toward the result, or perhaps you are in such a hurry that you are not being realistic with the time it takes to achieve what you have in mind. The most common realization is that maybe you lack the support system needed to make a goal like this a reality.

The unwavering truth is if any of those resonate with you, you could be on a path to burnout and may not even be aware of it. Burnout is not a trivial topic or a trendy word. It is a real challenge many people face, and it can come with many other mental and physical health problems if not acknowledged.

A common question that may arise is, "How do you know if you are burned out?"

According to Psychology Today, "Physical and mental exhaustion, a sense of dread about work, and frequent feelings of cynicism, anger, or irritability are key signs of burnout." Although these feelings are also related to stress, so "What's the difference between burnout and stress?" The difference is, "burnout is an extended period of stress that feels as though it cannot be ameliorated. If the stress is short-lived or tied to a specific goal, it is most likely not harmful. If the stress feels never-ending and comes with feelings of emptiness, apathy, and hopelessness, it may be indicative of burnout." It is always essential when having feelings such as the ones listed to seek assistance from family, friends, or a trained professional. Check out the three tips below to address some of the common feelings that you may be experiencing on a path to burnout.

1) Forward focused self-reflection.

This manner of self-reflection means not looking at the past subjectively instead objectively to determine what was it about the past that prevented progression. Once you identify the barriers and obstacles, realign your goals and expectations.

2) Cultivate space to assess and realign goals, skills, work, and passions periodically.

This space will allow you to always remain realistic in accomplishing your objectives while attending to your own needs and desires and evaluating whether your needs and wants have changed.

3) Look at your Support Network.

Identify who is in your support network and what purpose they serve. Who can you go to and dedicate time to relaxing, replenishing, discussing setbacks, brainstorming strategies, and working through perceived barriers? Who is your emotional, mental, and physical support?

Hello, my name is Dejamarie Crozier, and I am a multidimensional person. One part of my personality that I have learned to embrace and love is the creative side. In the last six months, I have embarked on a journey of honestly expressing myself through writing. I have had many trials, tragedies, and triumphs in my life, and my creative characteristics have led me to art therapy. I call my pieces expressive writing. I believe there are real healing powers in writing. The act of expressing myself through writing has become a form of therapy. It allows me to express my personal feelings as I navigate grief, process trauma, and battle depression and anxiety. These written disclosures have helped me answer questions, state my opinions and beliefs, recount my personal experiences, and, most importantly, heal. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share one with you.

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