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TaRessa Stovall is a noted author, award-winning journalist, blogger, and identity equity advocate who works to contribute to a more just society. She is honored to be serving as the current Author-in-Residence for the Tacoma Program at her alma mater, The Evergreen State College, where she earned a BA in Communications.

TaRessa was born a Jazz Baby in Seattle, Washington when much of the country was racially segregated and her parents’ marriage was illegal in 16 states. Her new memoir, SWIRL GIRL: Coming of Race in the USA, reveals how she grew up as a “Black Power Flower Child” who battled society—and sometimes her closest loved ones—to forge her identity on her own terms. SWIRL GIRL…was published by the independent Black company, Alchemy Media Publishing, and is available on, and on

An author from the age of seven, TaRessa has written and published poems, books, and plays on various topics, including racial identity and the impact of colorism on People of Color. Her books include:

  • A Love Supreme: Real-Life Stories of Black Love, portraits of 20 couples with a foreword by Ruby Dee. The book was featured on Oprah’s “In the Spirit”

  • The Hot Spot, a novel

  • The Buffalo Soldiers, a children’s book.

She has also co-edited anthologies with Tracy Price-Thompson, including:

  • Proverbs for the People: An Anthology of Contemporary African-American Stories

  • Other People’s Skin: Four Novellas a groundbreaking anthology about healing from colorism

TaRessa’s writing has been featured in USA Weekend, the Courier-Post, The Montclair (NJ) Times, The Defenders Online, the NAACP Crisis,, The Nosher, and several other platforms. An official “Super Fan” of the OWN television series, “Queen Sugar,” TaRessa is the proud mother of a son and a daughter, both multi-talented writers and creatives. She lives in Atlanta and stirs things up on social media. Find her at, on Facebook as TaRessa Stovall, Author, and on Twitter and Instagram @taressatalks. Website: Twitter: @taressatalks

Instagram: @taressatalks Facebook: TaRessa Stovall, Author


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