Booked & Busy: Fitted Sheets

Kristi Jeansonne and Camryn Bordelon are a creative duo from Lafayette, Louisiana. Kristi is a mom of two, cancer survivor, and a no-nonsense kind of girl who uses writing to keep her sane. Camryn is an artist, recent college graduate, and simply, sunshine in human form. Both Kristi and Camryn enjoy excessive coffee drinking, wearing oversized cardigans, and creative collaborations.

Their latest creative brainstorm lead to the newly self-published book Fitted Sheets. Based on Camryn's spirited watercolor paintings, Fitted Sheets is a heartfelt, sweet story about love, loss, and carrying on. Although written in the style of a children's book, the subject matter in Fitted Sheets makes the story relatable to readers of all ages. Kristi and Camryn hope that readers connect with the story and enjoy reading it as much as they enjoyed writing it.

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