Booked & Busy: Club Olympus

Can you imagine a better crime family than the gods of Olympus?

The year is 1929. The gilded age still rages, and the era of prohibition has created speakeasies filled with excess and hedonism. In Manhattan, Zeus and his fellow Olympians are running the biggest game in town, with clubs, brothels, and protection rackets under their control. Life has never been so fun. However, the good times cannot last forever, and a new, dangerous enemy begins chipping away at their empire. This mysterious figure brings the crime family to its breaking point, sending New York into a gang war that claims lives, and brings back spectres from the Olympian’s long and sordid past. Author James Morley is fantasy writer and a debut novelist from the UK. The self proclaimed nerd elaborated on why Club Olympus came about. "I wrote my book as a way to help me escape the constant barrage of COVID news and I hope that it can provide some excitement and escapism to others."

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