...And Now A Word From The Creator

It was like yesterday I did a "And Now A Word From The Creator" at the beginning of the year- man time is flying. In the journey of maintaining my goals and keeping that same energy towards the brand, I have admit I'm struggling.

The shift of so many moving pieces from uprooting my life to buying my first home and dating in a new environment I've noticed I'm having issues with enjoying other facets in life.

Fuck imposter syndrome, what is it when you struggle to receive other forms of happiness aside from the one you've created? Is this really a thing?

Ironically, allowing myself to indulge in the peace, growth and moments of true happiness has slightly turned me off to the idea of working all the time on the brand. I can't tell you how many times I've gone into the depths of negativity; acknowledging failure and true purpose. Is this what I should be doing? Am I living, eating and breathing it Girltellme? I still struggle to answer these questions on a daily basis.

In light of the darkness, especially when I feel most overwhelmed, I have to remind myself that growing as a person speaks louder volumes than an individual project or passion. The evolution of who I am brought about Girltellme, so why would I stop the growth the individual and assume the project would just stay the same? She (Girltellme) is also an evolving entity that has expanded from new ideas developed from my own shifts in life.

Just chalk up these indifferent feelings to growing pains.

These are growing pains.

Allow space for you to fall in and out of love with your goals and dreams. Nothing is constant and the ebbs and flows of the journey will continuously allow you to rebrand, recharge and remember- your reason "why"

Until next time folks!

Stay safe and be forgiving of yourself.


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