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Hey Tribe!

First off, I know I say it all the time, but I thank you all for deciding to be apart of this community and supporting one another through empowerment; Legit, it's my "why." But that's not what I'm here today...

Going into the new year, I want to reiterate how important your writing is. I recently was on the phone with a friend who expressed how writing became a burden after remembering a time when someone criticized his work. After that, he wasn't comfortable with his writing, and instead of understanding the importance of personal expression, he shunned it and avoided it like the plague. Luckily at that point, I had the job of reminding him that writing is so much more than Shakespeare and Hemmingway.

Ironically his story wasn't different from mine. I remember I wrote a press release for an internship and how I felt looking at the edits in red; there was more red than words.

You see, writing gives access of experience to the audience - that's the fucking beauty of it! It's all different and will always live with someone.

The main reason why Girltellme.com was created was to break the bull shit boundaries within ourselves and to remind people ANYTHING (not including ignorance or bigotry) YOU have to share is significant. Fuck the adverse reactions, critics, grammar correctors, FUCK THEM ALL, because one person will relate to your story. Shunning your voice, ability, and the story only limits the reachability and effect it could have on so many others.

Imagine a world where the most influential leaders, authors, narrators, and change-makers, decided what they had to say was invaluable? Their perspective and stories would deem worthless towards evolution. And while all levels are different, they still account for a time, feeling, understanding, emotion, controversy, and thought that have affected livelihoods, communities, and people's progression.

History has been written and continuously is.

So, let me step off my soapbox and make way for a new year of writers, creatives, and everything in between representing a small piece to the bigger picture that represents the unique and colorful complexities of the human experience.

"It's your story; tell the shits."



Ok Girl, We See YOU.

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