An Open Letter To The Loved One That's Far Away

Let's state the obvious.

Being thousands of miles away from each other is tough, especially today. With travel restrictions, requirements, and whatnots, the maze we are trying to navigate seems to get bigger and more complex as the months pass.

We thought our circumstances would change soon. It only got worse. What makes things more difficult is this: no one seems to know how and where the maze ends.

Within this maze, I find you.

You make things easy.

You start calls even when you're tired from work. You consider how I feel even when you're hurt too. Your 'sorry' doesn't come too late. Your voice turns a hard day around.

You prove me wrong.

Though you're far, you give me no reason to doubt your intentions, words, and actions. You trust me with your life story, your struggles, your political opinion, and the secrets you've kept for so long. With you, I feel safe.

You braved the impossible.

We may have only known each other for a relatively short time, but you handed over your future to me without hesitation. How do I say 'no'? You have been a wonderful partner - honest, responsive, accepting, and respectful. You talk to me and you listen.

It's been an awful time. Months have gone, and the pandemic has robbed us of Friday night dates, beach trips, and awkward family dinners. But we are lucky to still be here, looking in the same direction together.

Our relationship stands like a continuous, well-fortified bridge, with you and me on each side, keeping it intact. We'll remain this way until we can reunite again. With every day that passes, with every season that comes, I will do whatever I can to do the same for you.

To keep things easy, to prove myself - and others - wrong. To brave the impossible.

One day, our worries will be gone. We can finally cross the street, hand-in-hand, without worrying about your flight back home after 2 weeks. No more tearful goodbyes at the airport. No more calls while you’re driving to work with me getting ready for bed.

One day, with or without masks, we'll be breathing the same air.

Odyssa is a content writer based in Manila, Philippines.

As a young girl, she kept a tiny journal about her crushes, friends, and teachers. She discovered reading fiction books when she was 11, and her love for writing grew even more. She works remotely as a sales associate for a start-up company based in the US. After working remotely for over a year, she knows she'll never go back to working in an office again.

She is an Ashtanga Yoga student and has been practicing in this tradition since January 2019.

Her dream is to cross over into writing full-time, publish books, live in a house with a garden, have her own yoga practice space (an entire room of emptiness!), grow her own food, and rescue animals. She enjoys going on nature dates to treat herself. She still writes in a journal every day.

You can see her work at

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