A Story in Short.

Love makes my garden thrive, Love is what makes us feel alive. Once upon a time, for is that not how all good stories start? Or, a long time ago in a kingdom far far away, there lived a Mayor of a small town. His wife had once been warm and fair, but since her death his life was an eternal winter. That wasn't to say that he was cruel or unkind in anyway, for even his rivals would admit that he put the needs of the people before his own, being fair and just. No, it was only his own heart that he let wither, as neglected as the garden she once loved. In this town was also a young woman, Kira, who was small and dark and quiet. The town folk laughed at her, for her love for the Mayor was obvious to all, all except the Mayor himself of course. One day she screwed up her courage and went to the town hall where he was hearing suggestions and grievances and the like. "What is it you have to say?" He asked her as she stood before him. He had an uncanny ability to speak to the folk around him in a way which showed he cared about their problems and would find a solution to them, but he did so without looking at them, or rather without seeing them. Kira was almost so awe struck by being so close to him that for a moment she was unable to speak, but then she took a deep breath and stood straight. Once the Mayor would have been able to admire her strength and the kindness in her eyes, but alas he saw neither. "I have been blessed with green fingers Lord Mayor, I wish, if you will permit me, to bring your garden back to life." At that his eyes finally found hers, a deep blue that put her in mind of the velvet in a ring box, but for their current harshness, which reminded her more of the lining of a coffin. "It was my wife's garden. I find it only appropriate that it stays dead with her! If you are looking for work, the Baker is seeking assistance" And like that she was dismissed and she knew her chance had gone. Her face burned with her mortification every time she stepped outside of her house, as word of what she had said spread, and her neighbours either tittered or tutted. After nights spent drowning in her tears, she stole away to the forests where the wise woman lived, the only one who could help her fulfill her hearts desire. "Love potions?" The wise woman cackled. "Bah, you are better without it!! And besides, I can't help you. But, I know a way, perhaps, but are you willing to pay the cost?" The wise woman advised Kira to go to the crossroads outside of town when the night things bloom and the moon is hid behind a cloud, and there she would meet a stranger who could make her wish come true. Personally speaking, vanity was far and away The Devil's biggest sin, and if it were at all possible and not terribly unprofessional to do so, he would drop everything to hide in suddenly darkened corners at the merest whisper of his name! He summoned up a log book and flipped to the Mayor: still handsome, noble bearing, with some wealth and influence...he rubbed his hands together with glee; lust, greed, desire for power- it was all there. Mortals made his job so easy! The girls soul was as they say, money in the bank! XXX Though her stomach felt twisted up in sailor's knots, Kira's heart felt light as she followed the old ladies instructions. The stranger gave her a bouquet and bade her to take it to the Mayor. "And you will have the attractive leader of the town on your arm!" Satan assured her. "I only want to love him, to see him smile again" Kira frowned. "And he certainly shall, once he sees you as the object of his affections! Really dear there is no need to be coy with me; God has a lot to answer for he really does...your wish to warm the Mayor's bed and spend his coin and lord it over those who mocked you, is my command! For ten years that is, after that time I'm afraid I will be requiring your soul, nothing personal!" "It is a price I'm willing to pay"


Megan Romaine, aspiring writer of stage, screen and everything in between. Movie obsessed Star Wars fan. Maybe, possibly, wannabe toy shop owner.


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