7 Step Guide to Healing Your Heart

Heart- It's the most vulnerable organ of our body. We may say it every day that we are smart enough to use our minds in most practical situations but it's our heart that tells us what our soul wants.

However, the challenge is that we don’t accept this fact. We are pushing ourselves to prove so much that we ignore what our heart is saying. We keep piling things on our little heart and make it so heavy that we don’t realize how much it is important to Heal the Heart

I have recently come across a few very close people in my life who are not happy with themselves, their lives, the relationships they share with other people, their jobs, children, etc. When you talk to them – they are so heavy on their heart that they can hardly see and love themselves.

It's not that I have not been in such situations – I have been frustrated with a lot many things in my life. I have gossiped, cribbed, and complained every single day when I was in a bad life state, but a very dear friend told me to start praying for your heart to heal. This changed my life and I realized how much burdened my heart is to keep so many things inside and not sharing it with anyone. My next question to myself was – Will I be able to at least love myself if not others? Others – who have been rude to me, played smart cards against me, people who took me for granted, made me cry; eventually made me strong.

The answer was NO.

We as humans tend to expect so many things from other humans and its not bad to do so because again its a form of love you want to experience. And it does feel bad when our expectations aren't met. We feel left out, neglected, and ignored. We close doors to avoid new people coming into our lives. We cry, hate, strategize, we are using our minds to be successful, we doubt ourselves, run away from realities, and run into depression.

It is said that “When heart and mind fight, the soul inside cries ” – Jamana Burhan. In all this process – your heart and soul are the only sufferers.

This is the 7 step guide that healed my heart.

1. Accept yourself the way you are. You hold an entire universe in yourself.

2. Every day when you get up, say it to yourself – “You are worth a great day today.”

3. Say it out what you want to accomplish today to that One spiritual energy you have faith in.

4. Stop allowing the people who have hurt you affect YOU. How can they deserve so much attention if they can’t make you happy? People who make you happy should have a larger space on your heart. The moment your heart tells your mind to give a damn about such negative people, the mind will start acting.

5. Believe that whatever is happening in your life is because of YOU. You have made it and it is your sole responsibility to keep it in good shape. The moment you accept it – your life force will change.

6. Be a magnet! The more you do good, the more good things or people will land back in your life. The more you cultivate bad thoughts – the more your life will be a hell.

7. Pick up one activity that makes you happy. In my case, its always dancing to the tunes of my heart.

I know you may say that its easier said than done, but all these pointers are reflections of my own life. Also, it's not that I don’t keep grudges or complain, but I have just stopped giving so much importance to people and started focusing more on those who do love me and want to see me happy.

So, heal your heart people! Make it happy and not sad.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

Everything in the universe is within you! Ask all of yourself!

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