Shout out Saturday: D'vyne

D'vyne is a Hip/Hop and R&B artist, Dancer, Actress, Writer, and Music Producer/Audio Engineer along with being the CEO/Founder of MooShooBeatz Productions. Just recently, she has also became one of the top leaders of investment organization, Impact Over Money.

A young native from the north side of Chicago, D’vyne, has always had a phenomenal ear for music. She was always a creative soul. As she grew older, she began to write her music. Her dedication to music-making began around the age of 12. At the end of 2019, a single, "Finish Him" was released. Months later, two singles from the upcoming album, "Black Heart: Reloaded" was released, "Legacy" and "WHEN THEY SEE US" were released. Her latest single, “Eyes Open” is out now on all streaming platforms!

Check her out here!


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