Pitches For The Month

Welcome to Pitch, Please - your spot to find information about where to send your next pitch. Each month we'll post a list of publications accepting submissions and we'll let you know if they're even worth your time based on things like the writing specs, the publication's communication, and how much money you can expect to make, if any (remember, sometimes it's a labor of love!) 

*You asked and we answered - this month instead of 3 publications, we've included a list of 5! There's a little something for everyone, from comediennes to activists, so pick your favorite and get to pitchin'!

February 2021

Slackjaw on Medium 

Slackjaw is the number one destination on Medium for all things humor. It's the perfect place to pitch if you're a comedic writer. They accept submissions on all topics, but submitting a piece that aligns with their theme are featured prominently on their homepage, and are more likely to be included in their monthly newsletter. They don't have a lot of readers....just 30,000! (please note the heavy sarcasm)

Communication - Expect a response within two weeks (sometimes more, sometimes less). They only accept one submission at a time.

Cash Money - yes, ma'am! The pay is based on Medium's partner program, so it depends on how much your published piece is read.

Specifications - Pieces should be between 300- 1000 words, previously unpublished, and submitted through a Medium account. Check out their submissions page for more details. Send pitches to 


Rewire is an online destination produced by PBS for people in their 20s - 30s who want to improve their lives and the world they're living in. Their publication covers topics like Love & Relationships, Health, Money, Our Future, Work and Living/Lifestyle.

Communication - They're pretty popular, so they'll only reach out to you if your pitch is accepted. Their website does say that if you don't hear from them in two weeks, you can assume that they've passed on your piece and pitch it somewhere else (we think this is better than nothing!)

Cash Money - Yes, ma'am! The rate is $250 for accepted pitches.

Specifications - Currently, they're looking for pitches in all of their categories, but they do ask for you to review their blog and get familiar with recent pieces so that you understand their audience and tone. Check out their Submission Guidelines and type up a 1-2 paragraph pitch. Warning - they straight up want to know why your piece is relevant and why you're the perfect person to write it, so be on your game, boo!

Booked n' Busy 

Booked n' Busy is a learning platform for millenial women interested in amplifying their well-being and increasing their personal cash flow. I've personally written for this publication before and, let me tell you, the experience was phenomenal!

Communication - There's an actual human being answering the Booked n' Busy emails, and they're VERY responsive. Once my pitch was accepted, we went over the specifications, I signed a contract, and my contact was even involved in the (light) editing of the piece.

Cash Money - Yes, ma'am! Starting at $20 per piece with author credit (read: you get a backlink and your picture included at the bottom of your piece…hello, advertising!)

Specifications - Right now, they're looking for pitches in the topics of Mysticism, Finance, Wellness, and Current Events. As always, do your homework and make sure your pitch aligns with the tone/vibe of the site, then send your idea to: and CC:

Raising Mothers is an online literary magazine created by and for femme identifying writers who parent. They are dedicated to creating a space for mothers who are marginalized to publish their work.

Communication - You'll hear back within 3 months if your submission is accepted. If it takes any longer, they welcome a follow-up email (Now I KNOW that sounds like a long time, but if you're submitting to a publication you believe in and really want to be a part of, it's worth it, right?)

Cash Money - This is a completely volunteer publication right now, so no cash money, but definitely author credit!

Specifications - They're currently looking for pieces for their "Justice Involved Mothers" column, which features personal essays about mothers who are POC and have been incarcerated, under parole, or under probation. They also have quite a few other columns, and accept submissions of fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, interviews, book reviews, photo essays, comic and graphic novels. In other words, there's plenty of space for whatever you feel inspired to write.

Send your pitch for 1,000 - 4,000 words to:

The Mujerista 

The Mujerista is a  new media platform with a mission to support the next generation of Latina women by shining a light on what it means to be a Latina today. The platform even has a Digital Network that serves as a forum for millenial Latina women to connect.

Communication -- There's no information on the site about how long it will take to receive a response, but I can tell you from experience that you shouldn't hold your breath. I submitted a piece almost a month ago and haven't gotten a response. That's the way it is sometimes, though, right? They must have a lot of submissions, so make sure you make yours stand out!

Cash Money - Yes, ma'am! There's no information on the site about exactly how much money, but a little research (*ahem* Twitter stalking *ahem*) led me to a call for submissions at $150 per piece.

Specifications - As of mid-January, they were looking for pieces on what the Latinx community would like to see from the Biden-Harris administration, but they're always accepting submissions for creative work, essays, articles, photography, illustrations and digital art.

Send your pitch to