Motto of the Month (MOTM)

Spring Clean Those Projects!

Spring Clean Everythang!

Spring is here! The flowers are blooming, the weather is changing, and your long-awaited bright orange bodysuit from Boohoo is screaming for a vacation. We get it; the temperature rises, and, like a kid in Chuck-e Cheese, we don't know how to act. 
Trust us- we get it, but just like the exchange of sweaters to thotty leggings and "I'm too old to wear this" crop tops, maybe try the same with your projects. Not necessarily a rebirth, but maybe mixing up some of the ideas, thoughts, wonders, and trying something new towards some of your other goals. Who knows, a little different direction can take your passion project to another level or at least give you some notes towards perspective. Either way, you don't lose.
Take advantage of feeling good!
The winter months are so draining, mundane and lead us all to fall out of love with what we are striving for; it happens and will again. Doing the same thing repeatedly can lead to a lack of enthusiasm, progression, or grind, and that's with anything. So before you book that Miami trip with that sloppy friends, make sure you Spring Clean those ideas, urges, etc., towards your dreams, mission, or project. 


Luke Warm Summer Tip #1. If you ever ask yourself, "Am I too old to wear this?" already know the answer.

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