Motto of the Month (MOTM)

Girl, Call Judge Judy-We Guilty. 


The Guilt is REAL

Damn...God forbid a bitch is happy. 
I have to admit on my journey of true alignment the peace and happiness that comes with the individual growth has also manifested to GUILT. Yes, Guilt. Now I'm not talking about the type of guilt your mother gives you after not seeing you for a while, or how you feel driving thru Chick Fil A for the 3rd time this week; I mean internal guilt. The feelings of not allowing yourself to be present with friends, family, or moments because you should be working on your business or finishing that book. A sort of doubt that you will never hit specific goals because you decided to go for a happy hour or catch up with an old friend. Like, can a bitch enjoy all facets of life for one second without being reminded she has more work to do? FUCK...
The process of allowing the simple pleasures or even the monumental moments flourish in my own life has been a struggle. The interesting point that I'm trying to figure out is why I weight the ideal of success within a career so much heavier than individual internal happiness? Now, we can get deep. Is this an engrained construct or also my need to prove something to others? YOOOO a bitch saw one Doctor Phil episode and think she know some shit, but it is true. Take a moment to ask yourself "In this moment, what is most important?" and while sometimes we have to come to terms with our professional goals, we all need to make space for the other just as special goals. 
Buying a home, losing 5 pounds, a family celebration. We have to forgive ourselves and understand moments add to the "journey" we all are learning to cope with; I say cope because I struggle sometimes with things I CAN'T CONTROL. All that to say, stop the internal guilt, leave that to your parents. Learn all these additional things we enjoy only make for better projects, books, perspective, etc.
Be kind to yourself bitch, you worked hard for this ALL THIS shit.