About Us, Well...Me.

We do many things but in a nutshell...
We publish, promote, inspire and encourage female writers and creatives alike to kill shit.

Girltellme.com was created after I realized how hard it was to get my work published online; even for free. I would send tireless emails pitching and would either get radio silence or a simple "nah" from publishers. After a while, I decided instead of being just accepting the shits, I wanted to create opportunities. I wanted to be the one "yes" in an Atlantic Ocean sea of "nah's" all while making people laugh...and just like that- BOOM; the .com was born.

*Also, please note it wasn't just a boom instant creation, a bitch is out here working, haha. 

Since launching in 2019, Girltellme.com has evolved from mainly a publishing platform to a community of female authors, poets, editors, and business owners representing the holes in the writing industry.

At the end of the day, my mission is to help people, make people laugh, and most importantly show how we are more alike than not on a daily basis.​